Rojava is not alone

Rojava is not alone

Message from The Iranian Solidarity Council For Rojava in Stockholm

Greetings to all participants in support of Rojava and its Self-management Council. In recent years, the support provided by millions of people to Rojava’s resistance has been the only guarantee of hope. Thousands of fighting people have lost their lives in battles against various enemies Today, Rojava’s self-management system is not only known in the region, but also for the whole world. Rojava is a well-known name that stands for resistance to both ignorance, criminal acts and injustice, as well as a living alternative for self-management, to guide and administer their own community. Today, Rojava is, among other things thanks to a large and strong international support, not only a defense against various enemies, but also a social system based on the participation of the people

The Iranian Solidarity Council for Rojava in Stockholm has today joined the Swedish “Rojava Committees” to fight together against fascism, nationalism and terrorism. But also for a society free from exploitation, oppression and discrimination. We will help overthrow the capitalist regimes in Iran, Turkey, Iraq and all other reactionary regimes in the Middle East. We believe that the alternative to the capitalist system and imperialism is the Self-Management Council

Right now, protests and resistance are ongoing in Rojava, and social uprisings in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, … against its ruling criminal states. Unfortunately, valuable people have lost their lives and thousands of others have been arrested and imprisoned. Therefore, we urge all freedom-minded people to jointly support the struggle in Rojava and at the same time demand the immediate release of all arrested people, all of whom risk their lives in prisons. We must strive to organize ourselves in a revolutionary way and more effectively stand up for a successful and focused struggle

We demand that those arrested must be released immediately

Long live the Rojava Self-Management Council

Long live the International Solidarity



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