About PDI

About PDI

Democratic Platform of Iran (PDI) is a civil-political umbrella that works for a democratic and free Iran within the framework of democratic confederalism.

PDI has its own tactical and strategic methods, but its political, social and cultural foundations of democratic confederalism can become clearer and more complete over time and across different stages of our activities.

At the very existing stage, our main task is building solidarity and expanding cooperation with Iran’s democratic, freedom-loving movements, organizations, and parties. In parallel with it, we are also striving to promote PDIs discourse, recruite new members and organizing councils, and establishing public, civic and national assemblies.

PDIs activities after the disappearance or collapse of Islamic Republic of Iran, will mainly be based on an attempt to set up councils, committees, general assemblies as an alternative administrative body, where all the small and large decisions are made and directly implemented from peoples will and force. In other words, all the laws and decisions here, are made not from top, but from the bottom. In our approach everyone has the right to stand for election and be elected.

The organisations and political parties that are members of PDI are delegated to the Coordination Board and ultimately this will lead to establishment of democratic self-management that has both political and social theory, philosophy and political, social experience and practice.

We have a variety of areas for people and organizations joining PDI, such as youth, publishers, television, communications, promotion and advertising, organizing, and more. It has been made clear that the works in these areas are voluntary.

PDI is striving to play its conscious role in establishing a better and more humanitarian world and welcomes the inclusion of all democratic and libertarian individuals and forces in this civil-political umbrella/ entity.

In this regard, the requirements for membership of Iran’s democratic platform are as follows:

Accept platform outline solutions

Work in various fields freely and voluntarily

Member Duties:

Follow the general principles outlined in Iran’s democratic platform and its approvals.

Member Rights:

Participate in discussions on platform positions and policies through meetings.

Provide suggestions and criticism to the relevant authorities.

The right to vote and be elected in all platform elections.

Equal voting rights in platform decisions.

Withdrawal from membership

Membership in PDI is voluntary. Therefore, each member can choose to withdraw from the platform as he or she wishes.