About IrConfederal

About IrConfederal

IrConfederal is a journalistic project, which is part of an Iranian organization that has been established by democratic forces in Europe. IrConfederal collaborates with Democratic Platform of Iran (PDI), which functions as a social and political umbrella, formed by women, labor activists and Iranian intellectuals.

IrConfederal project has its journalistic focus mostly on Iran, in a country where censorship has always been fully presided and implicated in the last four decades. As a result of a totalitarian regime and in its ideology, one is either with them or their enemy!

There is no tolerance towards independent criticism, and promotion of new ideas in Iran can be vanished by violence, torture and so on. Perhaps many people will say that this is how it is in a conservative system. As the founder of conservatism insisted on, in the early eighteenth century, preservation of old social and political values is not possible without gradual and thoughtful changes.

As we can read in the news, not only the radical political viewpoints that want to overthrow the regime, but also the real reformists like labor, women and student movement are suffering from poverty, oppression and gender segregation under the totalitarian regime of Iran.


Vahid Mohammadi is responsible as the publication’s editorial with many years of experience in alternative publications. He is also member of Coordinative Council of PDI that functions as the organization’s administrative body.


As every politically involved mind knows, the Iranian governmental method in conjunction with social issues that are results of a totalitarian governing policy is mostly based on removing and hiding them rather than solving them. Iran is a country filled up with internal and external conflicts and in regard to this, IrConfederal will mostly focus on some cases like:

A. Censorship and Freedom of speech that covers the right of intellectual activities.

B. Gender oppression and women right that covers the half part of the whole population of Iran.

C. Criticizing economic austerity that has made the life difficult for everybody, but serves the interests of oligarchs and corrupted managers.

D. Assimilation of the non-Persian nations that is going to be a very serious problem sooner or later.*

E. Environmental crisis all over the country that can force millions of civilians to migrate. For your information, the so-called water war in a local level in Iran has already begun.


The material that we are going to produce will mostly be in Persian, in a language that all Iranian can read both in Iran and abroad, but it is our goal to produce also materials in Arabic, Turkish and Kurdish sooner or later, because Iran is a multi-national country and we believe that a multi-cultural society is a better place for everybody.

In addition to this and in accordance to our plan, translation of articles written by great thinkers is another aim. Furthermore, in regarding to this task, writing reports in English about daily social issues that never come to appearance in the international medias is a very important task for us. In this way we can help to build a bridge between Iranian and international communities.

Another crucial task for us is to form a permanent online radio and video program, which is very important, especially for Iranian people who don’t have the time capacity for reading. For this we have planned to make video- interviews with people that have different opinions and backgrounds who are spread all over the Western Countries. These videos will be published with English subtitle.


* Because of censorship and political strangulation of moderates and progressive forces on one hand and oppression of minorities on the other hand, some reactionary approaches are growing very rapidly among people. Different kinds of right-wing populist movements among minorities like Pan-Turkism in Azeri area, Pan-Kurdism in Kurdish area, salafism in southwest Iran where the Arabs live and salafism again with armed guerillas in southeast Iran are existing around the country! Many people believe that the future of Iran looks like the history of Yugoslavia with civil war and ethnic cleansing.